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John Loeschen

About Loeschen Law Firm

Over the course of more than 25 years, John Loeschen has represented countless clients in a variety of cases. Practicing in Iowa since 1992 and the Commonwealth of Virginia since 2003.  He maintains licensure in both states.

John received his Master’s degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources from the University of Iowa, where he was trained in arbitration, mediation and labor negotiations. He attended Southern Illinois University School of Law and practiced with the firm of Loeschen & Loeschen until 2002. He is admitted into several federal circuit courts throughout the country as well as the Court of Appeals for the 4th, 7th and 8th circuit and the US Supreme Court.

John has been invited to speak at several conferences throughout the United States and has been recognized for his skills as a trial attorney and advocate, as well as his experience with both private and public sector labor relations. Most recently, he was the subject of a profile article on new approaches to the practice of law.

John has four children and enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, camping, tennis and is particularly fond of surfing.

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